How We Work

Every assignment is unique. We adapt our working methods accordingly.

We operate behind the scenes right across the event cycle. We work with our clients to stage celebrations that resonate worldwide, deliver great impacts and achieve lasting legacies.

Effective decision making

We focus on placing the right people with the right skills in the right places at the right times.

Our flat management structure attracts talented individuals. EKS people are confident, motivated and proven in the field. They have the authority and the expertise to manage complex issues on the ground.

Collaboration and shared knowledge

We assemble purpose-built teams to fit your culture and priorities. Team members are practised collaborators with extensive experience.

We support them with smart tools, clearly defined operating procedures and an extensive knowledge base.

Precision-engineered consulting

We won't arrive on site with all the answers. This is your event. Instead, we work with you to help clarify and achieve your goals.

As the event owner or organiser, you are best placed to develop a compelling narrative for your city, region or discipline. We help you bring it to life.

With many years' industry experience we can quickly identify your specific requirements and develop purpose-built solutions.

Our tailored approach reduces your costs and delivers better results.