Our Services

The spiralling cost of hosting major events has put the focus on value for money. Can a few weeks of sport ever justify the years of preparation and hundred million dollar budgets involved?

How do you capture the popular imagination? How do you make people feel and act differently? Engagement is key.

Delivering value

EKS understands how value gets delivered through major events. Everything starts with a compelling bid. Successful events rely on smart planning and efficient operations to build backing and sustain momentum.

Across the board, we have the experience and the capabilities to crystallise your vision and bring it to fruition.

Support for event owners

We work with you to help maintain, develop and extend your brand. 

Our groundbreaking work with event owners is enabling more effective oversight and lowering delivery risk:

  • We prepare common standards and documentation for event bidders and organisers.

  • We appraise and assess competitive bids.

  • Our knowledge management service reduces risks for event owners. We organise and collect content that simplifies the transfer of knowledge between event organisers. We develop systems and processes to enhance event coordination and oversight.

  • We embed teams on your behalf alongside event organisers. Our advisors support host cities and liaise between owners and organisers. They collect performance data, maintain knowledge management systems and monitor progress on the ground.

Support for event organisers

We offer strategic guidance, planning and technical assistance to support you as you scope, plan and deliver your event. We will help you reduce risks and lower costs.

Our involvement may begin at the earliest stages of bid preparation and continue well beyond the closing ceremony. 

  • If you are considering a bid, our feasibility audits define costs and viability at an early stage.

  • We act as lead strategic and technical advisor for cities and regions bidding for events. We know the technical requirements inside out. We wrote many of them ourselves.

  • As you plan your event we can identify potential pitfalls, compress timelines and deliver savings.

  • In the delivery phase, our experience of Organising Committees and host cities is invaluable. We manage overall event programmes and project manage individual delivery elements. We will work with you to build programmes and organisations that can meet challenging milestones when time is constrained.

  • When the curtain goes down, we stay at your side, auditing the impact, repurposing facilities and capturing lessons learnt.